Hello. We are Axiom.

Axiom was founded by three engineers, co-workers, and friends: Neil Jagdish Patel, Seif Lotfy, and Gord Allott.  We have worked together for over a  decade, through multiple companies and on multiple products.

Since starting Axiom in 2016, we have worked to usher in a new generation of Cloud Appliances to the world that push User Experience, Performance, Functionality, and Design to a new level.

In our previous companies, our job was to build a brand new Desktop User Experience, or a Crash Reporting and User Analytics service. We always had to rely on supporting services that did not fit the product exactly, and as a result compromises would have to be made.

This never sat well with us and so, when the three of us decided to found Axiom, we wanted to do so on a bedrock of principles that would guide our work:

Zero Compromises

There is never a reason to do something that provides a worse version of what you want to make, there are always solutions even if it means making it yourself.  And so, we never compromise on anything. Design, UX, Privacy, Security, anything.

We endeavour to always provide the best experience that we can no matter the complexity. You can see this in the way we built our installer, or the design of our interfaces, or the consideration around privacy and security of our products.

Private and Secure By Default

Our belief is that your data is your data. We design and build products that run directly inside your infrastructure, and ensure that your business data never leaves your firewall. Whether your goal is to run our services on public or private clouds, or even on bare metal, you can rest assured that we've taken every step to ensure that your data stays safely in your hands.

Even when designing our minimal backend services, such as those that would provide out-of-the-box SMS, voice calls, or emails. We have gone as far as to ensure that it's possible to easily replace our default implementations with your own (e.g. your own Twilio and SendGrid api keys).

It is our belief that nobody has any right to your data but you.

Speed and Accuracy

No matter how fancy the UI or how easy the installation, the most significant metric when using a data product is speed. How quickly did the page load? How fast did ingestion take place? How quickly were you able to see your data?. You should never need to wait more than a second for something to happen, no matter how complex it is.

Our architecture means we aren't struggling to scale our server backends to customer demands like most cloud services are; 99/100% spent on engineering is spent directly on the product. Providing you with a better experience, faster updates, and a more stable experience.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Privacy and security shouldn't come at the cost of high-maintenance. Many organisations have flocked to SaaS apps over the past few years because the alternative options would essentially require a dedicated team to run them.

So, when building our products, we set strict rules around ease of installation and maintenance. No terminals, no staring at blank screens, and no unsafe scripts. Instead, simple, guided installations make setup a breeze. Once you're ready to go, you know that automatic updates (with automatic rollback should anything go wrong) will always keep you fresh with the latest feature and security updates, All without you having to lift a finger.

We are excited to go on this journey, Watchly is just the beginning.

Photo by Simon Migaj / Unsplash